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What is the Freedom Flyer

A Veteran Owned Business

 The Freedom Flyer is  proudly hand made on an actual anvil, in a 3000 degree white hot forge, by real live Military Veterans! 

Our founder noticed that the flag flying options devised for Jeeps and other SUVs was inconvenient and unsecure at best. The only sturdy solution was the "tow hitch flag pole" design. This design rattled, slapped the back of the Jeep, sometimes even snapped the pole off at the hitch, and made accessing your beer behind the tail gate a near impossibility without removing the pole first. His wife Tracy asked him to come up with a better solution for her Jeep and the Freedom Flyer was this Army Vet's solution! Now, as we move forward, this same innovation will employ other veterans and disabled veterans in the future. 

Safe and Secure

We at Old Soldier Ironworks Believe that everyone should have the opportunity to fly The Colors with the style and security Old Glory deserves. 

 The Freedom Flyer is so secure that once easily installed, one can physically shake the entire vehicle by the flag pole alone. It's that Solid! Once installed, if you lock your back door, you will discover the Freedom Flyer is also locked. For with the back door closed the ratchets do not have room to be opened making it extremely difficult to remove and take it. Some enterprising folks have also used a cable bicycle lock, utilizing the holes in their wheels, to further secure their Flyers.

Amazingly Simple to Use

Weighing in at only 16 lbs. The Freedom Flyer is so simple that it can be installed by even children, with ZERO tools, in about 3 minutes. We know this because Don and Mary's 11 year old daughter installed it for the first time,  in less than 3 minutes, with just verbal direction. If she can do it than anyone can as well. The Freedom Flyer is the only flag pole in existence which allows the back of the Jeep to be opened freely without even touching, adjusting, or moving the product in any way! Also because the Freedom flyer only firmly engages the tire itself, you will find that your trailer hitch is open and ready for towing a camper or  a trailer.

Adjusts to Firmly Grab Hold

The Freedom Flyer is primarily designed for the Jeep Wrangler but it can be used by MANY other vehicle types. If your vehicle has an external spare tire, the Freedom Flyer WILL grab it!  

The straps and Bottom Arm adjusts to any SUV tire size from stock SUV tires up to monster off road tires. We build the Freedom Flyer to fit the stock 32" tire and to adjust up to a 40", If you have a 31' tires or smaller we need to know in your purchase messages, so we can modify your FF to fit 31" or less, at its base adjustment level, so it can still expand  later for larger tire sizes.

Let Your Flags Fly

That's right, The Freedom Flyer's flag pole extends as well! The Freedom Flyer has 2 adjustable settings a driving setting and a parking/camping setting to help you get your full patriot on! The Freedom Flyer allows the owner to fly a full 3X5 flag safely while driving in city and rural areas. 

The Freedom Flyer extends up (in parking/parade mode) to allow the owner to fly a full 3X5 flag above the roof of the vehicle. This keeps your flag well and above your head and vehicle while tail gating or chilling at the beach. Plus at its greater height it catches the wind even more dramatically than in driving mode! (In this extended mode the owner can also fly a massive 6X10 flag!)

On the Road Again!

In driving mode: We did the math and found the exact height needed to hit the optimal wind shear sweet spot on any SUV mounted flagpole. This causes most 3X5 flags to perfectly flutter at 15mph. This same applied physics also exposes the flag above the SUV just enough to spread the wind down and across the entire flag surface, protecting it from wind damage at higher speeds. This allows the owner to fly a 3X5 flag safely while driving up to 55MPH. The wind will just start to damage your flag at speeds over 45mph. on any flagpole one will lose the flag at the grommets entirely at 80MPH +, but that is due to the flags weakness, not the Freedom Flyer's. In fact ,because the Freedom Flyer is made of forged 14 gauge square steel, (without a flag) it's structure alone will easily handle highway speeds and speeds well beyond what any SUV can produce in our time.  

We at Old Soldier Ironworks find that removing our flag before we hit a highway is the smart way to go. Which only takes seconds. Once off the highway we re-attach our flags and cruise into Jeep events with style.

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From the Fire!

Making of the Freedom Flyer!

We honor our troops!

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The staff at OSI is deticated to bringing you the best and most immediate customer service possible and we do it with fun and style!  Tracy, Don, Mary and Jerry have been there from the 1st day the original Freedom Flyer was born and we are deticated to being here for you for all the years to come! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us!

We Have You Covered


We promise that you will be completely satisfied with your Freedom Flyer. We provide a 12-month Manufacturing Gaurentee on all parts of the Freedom Flyer, and on all our products to come, to ensure your peace of mind.

Our Quality Promise


We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. Our products are handmade by veterans using only the finest quality materials and parts availible on planet Earth! From the Solid steel forged construction to the 800lb ratchets we use, the Freedom Flyer is built to last!

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